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    Chicken Butter Paneer

    Happy Deepavali! On Monday, I decided that I cannot be lazy anymore and must start trying out new dishes again. With the Deepavali holiday coming up, must cook an Indian dish, right? I asked my colleague Shefali if she has a good recipe to recommend and she immediately said, “Butter paneer.” I swear I have never heard of this in my life (and even asked her to spell it wtf) but the pictures I googled looked amazing and seemed like what Jason likes to eat. I was game!

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    Easy Butter Chicken with Roasted Almonds (Dancing Chef Paste)

    I hurt my back real bad the past week and haven’t been doing much cooking, except for (obsessively) baking mini cheese cakes, whipping up slow-cooker Chinese soups, and cooking this Butter Chicken dish. (Oh, and how did I hurt my back? I “flew” my 7-year-old nephew around the living room, forgetting that I am now 5 years older and him, 20kg heavier.) Dancing Chef kindly passed me some packet paste to try out. I made Prawn Paste Chickento the delight of the husband, and since I can’t go marketing or spend too much time in the kitchen because of the “broken” back, I decided to try out the Butter Chicken…