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    Zucchini Patties

    I’ve been obsessing over Zucchini patties for sometime, ever since I discovered that they have nothing to do with cucumbers but are in fact a type of squash, in the same family as butternut and pumpkin. I don’t like cucumber and have never figured out how I could enjoy Carl’s Jr’s fried zucchinis since “they’re another type of cucumber”. Now I know why. Here’s a picture of zucchinis. Can you blame me for getting confused? I made these for dinner last night and served them with wasabi mayo. These babies were cooked in my airfryer, although the “traditional” method was to panfry them in oil. I did not add a…

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    Crispy Herb Butter Sutchi Fish

    I cook alot of white fish because they’re easy to eat and don’t need to be gutted. I can clean chicken and pork but I hate to clean fish because they’re yucky. About two weeks ago, I bought a packet of frozen saba fish, not knowing that they’re not cleaned nor gutted and I have to get rid of the innards myself. There’s still one fish in my freezer and I don’t know when I’m gonna cook it!