What we did in Taipei with kids: Day 2 | Indoor Playground, Ximending, King Food Hotpot, Carrefour

On day 7 of our Taiwan holiday (also our second day in Taipei), we initially planned to go to Taipei Children’s Amusement Park in the morning but the kids kept on asking to play at the hotel. I don’t blame them one bit – Roaders Plus Hotel Taipei is indeed a wonderland for the little ones!

Day 7: Sleep in > Indoor playground adventure at the hotel > Ximending > King Food Spicy Hotpot 皇家帝國麻辣火鍋吃到飽 > Carrefour > Back to hotel to soak bathtub, nua and watch tv!

So they spent the morning at the indoor playground and the hub and I ordered breakfast from the food truck and chilled while waiting for them. And before we knew it, it was already 1pm! Luckily I planned for tomorrow to be a relaxed day before going to Danshui so I just switched the itinerary around. Amusement park tomorrow!

Chillin’ with free snacks:

We went shopping at Ximending until our 4pm slot at 皇家帝國麻辣火鍋吃到飽 King Food Spicy Hot Pot. See my review post for all the details! Ohhh if you’re planning to go, please bring cash. They don’t accept card and I eat halfway have to look for ATM to withdraw cash! The ATM at hi-life charged a 4% mark up fee (it’s charged by the local bank, not Trust bank), but the ATM will confirm with you if you’re ok with the fee before proceeding. So instead of the ~22.65 exchange rate, the rate for that withdrawal was around 21.5。 差不了多少又不是按幾百萬对吗,anyway I had no choice if not my hub got to wash dishes. Hahaha.

In case you’re new to Taiwan and are wondering, Xi Men Ding is not a night market so many shops are also open during the day, although it’s definitely bustling at night!

Got some cute trinkets for the kids. Cdd was busy dressing up at the photo store. You’ll find a few of these in ximending – you choose your get up and take photos in one of the photo booths.

Then we went for our 4pm buffet hotpot! You need a reservation at this restaurant, which is also really popular with locals. See this post to know more.

We ended the night shopping at Carrefour and got some of our favourite Taiwanese products and a box of ripe, juicy mangoes. You really need to get Taiwanese fruits. The large golden kiwi is less than SG$1 each (like $0.9x) and so sooooo sweet! In SG 我是有點買不下的 wahaha,

Some of our favourite Taiwanese items. The sesame sauce and taro chips are must-buys!

Couldn’t resist stopping at 王記府城肉粽 Wang Ji Fu Cheng to dabao for their tasty meat dumplings.

We were stuffed from the hot pot, so this table of food is a pic from a previous trip. Wa kueh, meat dumpling, meat ball and radish soup!

Went back to the main ximending area for uh, Ji Kuang Fried Chicken.

Then it was back to our hotel to play bath bomb, watch youtube and relax (for me and the kids) while the husband did the laundry. He was so amazed at the app that lets him monitor how long it takes for the laundry to be done – in real-time!  Read my review on Roaders Plus Hotel Taipei: a playground for the kids!


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