• Japanese,  Pork,  Rice,  Stir-fry,  Tofu,  Under $1

    Mapo Tofu with mild spicy bean paste

    There is an interesting story behind Mapo Tofu , literally translated as “Pock Mark Lady’s Tofu”. The Mapo Tofu we have here in Singapore is usually very spicy, with Szechuan chili oil used so liberally you would have thought they were free. We’re not fans of chili oil, so when eating out, we always order “Hotplate Tofu” instead– deep fried egg tofu, vegetables and cracked egg covered with non-spicy brown sauce, served on a sizzling hotplate.

  • Airfryer (Philips Airfryer!),  Under $1,  Vegetables

    Airfried Spinach Cheese Balls

    I made these Airfried Zucchini Patties sometime back, and decided to do a similar version with spinach. After all, my trusty Philips Airfryer makes frying so easy- I don’t even need to pan fry them in shallow oil but you can do that and achieve the same results. Spinach is the choice vegetable for my family because they’re so nutritious and readily available. Whether you’re using round or sharp spinach, you won’t have a hard time finding them, unlike the very elusive YELLOW CHIVES which the veggie auntie told me she’s only seen twice in the two years she has been working there. It’s almost like they are wanted by…