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    Bread Maker Cheese and White Chocolate Cake

    Another bread maker recipe? Ok being the noob that I am, I never thought that I could bake a cake in the bread maker. So when I read that it was possible to in the Panasonic SD-P104, I did the ONE thing that I do best and nobody can fight- ACT ON IMPULSE: Bake a cake! My mum makes the best butter cake. When we were kids, she used to bake the amazing butter cake once a month. And every month, my brother and I would fight over the cake tin AFTER the cake was unmolded. And what were we after? The thin layer of cake stuck to the cake…

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    Pineapple Polo Bread Loaf

    And I’m back to business! I was going to blog about my Taiwan trip first but got reminded by someone that “你正经的事不做,blog 什么 travel?” Oh! So now blogging about recipes and food is “正经的事”. Ok! The first thing I wanted to do when I got back from Taiwan was explore the Panasonic bread maker. It can make basic bread, bread rolls (that are to be finished in the oven), cake, dumpling skin and even chocolate! Apart from this polo bread loaf, I also made a Cheese and White Chocolate Cake in the afternoon. I declare today “Bread Maker Day”!