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Save MORE on GAIA Natural Skincare with their new Subscription Plans!

Have you heard? GAIA has launched their customisable Subscription Plans which offer up to 40% savings every month! *EXTRA 10% discount off any plan for Budgetpantry’s readers … see below!*

I’m really excited about this as cbb has been a GAIA user since she was born. If you’re new to the brand, click here to read my blog post introducing all our favourite GAIA baby products!

What do I love about GAIA?

Their skincare products are gentle on the baby, tailored for sensitive skin, combines natural and certified organic oils and extracts that gently cleanse, moisturise and soothe. It smells so dewy fresh too and my sensitive nose has never had a problem any of their items!

If you ask me which product is my absolute favourite, it’s hard to choose… but if I had to pick one it would be their Skin Soothing Cream, a multipurpose cream for newborns, babies and toddlers (and adults!) to use on face and body. I use it as cbb’s nappy rash cream when she was younger, and use it on myself too! I had a nasty rash that itched badly and wouldn’t go away in this warm weather. Tried other creams but they too didn’t work. I thought to reach out for the Skin Soothing Cream and the rash was gone the next morning. I swear by this stuff!

How do the Subscription Plans work? Simple!

Step 1: Pick from one of these 4 plans (browse items in Step 2):

  • GAIA Babies Starter Plan (select 3 items per delivery)
  • GAIA Babies Premier Plan (select 6 items per delivery)
  • GAIA Ambassador Plan (select 9 items per delivery)
  • GAIA Ultimate Family Plan (select 12 items per delivery)

Step 2: Select your items (mix and match!)

GAIA Babies Starter Plan lets you choose 3 items per delivery for $55 from their GAIA Natural Baby range. See the list of items here. Enjoy savings of up to 16% vs ordering individually at retail price!

GAIA Babies Premier Plan lets you choose 6 items per delivery for $100. Similar to the GAIA Babies Starter Plan, you can select from the GAIA Natural Baby range. See the list of items here. With this plan, you save up to 23% vs ordering individually at retail price!

GAIA Ambassador Plan lets you choose 9 items per delivery for $150. For this plan, you can mix and match from a wide range of items from GAIA Natural Baby, GAIA Pure Pregnancy, GAIA Skin + Body (Ladies) and GAIA Made For Men. The list is huge for this one! See the list of item here. Enjoy savings of up to 40% vs ordering individually at retail price!

GAIA Ultimate Family Plan lets you choose 12 items per delivery for $250. Mix and match 12 items from their entire product line! See the list here. Enjoy savings of up to 40% vs ordering individually at retail price!

Step 3: Receive your products in the comfort of your own home!

Yes, it’s that simple!


The best part?

You don’t have to stick with the same products – they can be changed with each delivery.

You also have the flexibility to choose your next shipping date. Yup you don’t have to receive your items monthly!

Here’s an example:
If your next shipment is on 7 August but you don’t need any replenishment yet, you can postpone it to September/October (even later if you wish) or if you need it urgently you can also change it to next week. Your card will only be charged on the order date.

I see it as locking in the discount for a bundle purchase :) With my discount code, you get to enjoy even more savings!

See the FAQs here.


Punch in code ‘CBB10’ at check out to enjoy an extra 10% discount!

To know more, click on this link and sign up for a plan that is right for you!