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Pregnancy #2: A flickering heartbeat at my 6W5D ultrasound scan

A continuation from my previous post where I saw an empty gestational sac in my first ultrasound scan…

An empty gestational sac could mean a blighted ovum, where the sac grew but embryo didn’t. When this happens, your body will still give out pregnancy symptoms because pregnancy hormones are still being produced: your body thinks it’s pregnant with a baby. I also noticed from the ultrasound scan that my gestational sac was measuring 20mm, which google told me was huge for 5W6D and a large size to be empty. If by the time the sac measured 25mm (by abdominal scan) without signs of a fetal pole and heartbeat, the prognosis would likely be bad.

Two days before the my next gynae’s appointment, I started throwing up everything I ate and felt even more miserable than ever. When I was pregnant with Cbb, it wasn’t like this. I told Jason that if it was still an empty sac, then it’s just super unfair that my pregnancy symptoms were this bad. On the day of my appointment, my gynae put his ultrasound wand on my abdomen. The first image that greeted me was a black gestational sac which looked much larger than last week. Haiz. It still looked empty.

My gynae then moved his wand around and within a second, I saw a transparent looking round shape IN the sac! It was the yolk sac which provides nutrients for the baby. And the next moment, what greeted me was the most beautiful image ever, my little peanut with a flickering heartbeat!

Oh HELLO THERE Cmm/Cdd! It was measuring 5.8mm and my pregnancy was dated as 6W5D based on the fetus’ length. Here are my other ultrasound scans during the first trimester:

Now the next step was to take the Harmony test after week 10 (I took it at week 11+), go for NT scan around week 12 and wait for the results! This time, the ‘evening’ sickness was overwhelming even up to week 13 – I could not eat after 5pm without feeling miserable, and any food intake after 7pm was guaranteed to be thrown up. And just like that, my first trimester was over!

In my next post, I will be blogging about the 12-week NT scan at Mount E Novena Prenatal Diagnostic Centre, and sharing the results of my harmony test AND GENDER REVEAL! Follow my Facebook page or subscribe (key in your email address at the right column of this page) to be alerted when it’s published!

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