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Basic Bread Loaf with Panasonic SD-P104 Breadmaker

July 16- Breadmaker

Amateur post! I was given the chance to review Panasonic’s latest SD-P104 Breadmaker yesterday, and being extremely excited to try out a breadmaker for the first time, I set off to bake basic white bread almost immediately.

I followed the instructions almost to a T (I suck at reading instruction manuals)– and some combination of ingredients, a push of a few buttons plus four hours later, I have a crusty soft loaf of bread just in time for the world cup finals.

July 16- Breadmaker11

It even looks like a football! The recipe called for only 250g flour. I thought it strange but followed it anyway. Maybe it meant for me to bake a mini loaf?

Ok so how does this work? I have never handled one of these in my life, and I have to say it is pretty easy to use. I fumbled a bit when setting the timer- it kinda confused me- but most timers on all kitchen appliances confuse me. But once I got it going, I was ready to bake bread!

This is the bread pan with blade attached:

July 16- Breadmaker1

July 16- Breadmaker2

I used 250g bread flour, 10g unsalted butter, 2 tablespoons sugar, 1 teaspoon salt, 1 tablespoon milkpowder, 190ml water + 1 teaspoon yeast. What you do is basically empty all ingredients except the yeast into the pan:

July 16- Breadmaker4

There’s a separate yeast dispenser for this model- apparently the dough rises better because yeast is only added at an appropriate time instead of all together with the rest of the ingredients:

July 16- Breadmaker5

Select Menu option 1 (I simply followed the step-by-step in the recipe book. Menu 1 is for basic bread), indicate if you want to add raisins or not, and let the machine know your preference for “Light” or “Medium” crust. And then you press “Start”:

July 16- Breadmaker6

AND DON’T TOUCH IT ANYMORE UNTIL IT BEEPS FOR YOU! The modes will change during the process, i.e., when you first press start, it will show “Knead”, followed by “Rest”, then “Rise”, then “Knead” and “Rise” again.. then finally “BAKE”. And when it beeps, it’s done!

July 16- Breadmaker10

July 16- Breadmaker11

Super soft when lightly pressed, but bounces back immediately:

July 16- Breadmaker12

July 16- Breadmaker13

I used super basic ingredients and a non-fancy method.. just dump and go. Imagine if I become the super-bread-maker-woman who uses all the chim methods 还得了? But I would probably double the flour next time. There are lots of different methods and recipes in the recipe book- you can even make cake, pizza dough and chocolate in this.


Jason immediately whipped up a ham and cheese bread the way mum used to make it. I have a beaming husband. Goodnight!


    • Suzanne

      Mine too. It rises to d brink n touchers d top roof so now I used only 230g flour so tht it stays almost d top.

  • J

    Hi there, just wondering if you used the light or med crust function? When i used the med crust function it is burnt. Not sure if the bm is faulty or its suppose to be like that?!?

  • Chrissy

    J I used both before light and medium before. No issue for both. And I figured the reason why this first attempt is so small is that I pressed the wrong buttons :P

  • Mica Sato

    Hi Chrissy,

    Just wondering, does this machine make gluten free bread? As I’m seriously considering this breadmaker if it does.

  • Chris

    Hi Mica, I didn’t have the answer myself so I googled for you. According to the Panasonic FB page, it can! (you can google “panasonic p104 gluten free bread” and it should be the first result)

    edit/ the previous link didn’t seem to work so I’m copying and pasting the reply from their FB page:

    Can this bake non gluten bread?
    Like · Reply · August 14, 2014 at 5:22pm

    Panasonic Singapore Hi Joan, yes you can with our Panasonic Bread Maker SD-P104. You can use any gluten-free recipes and bake under mode 2, which is the rapid mode. Should you still encounter any difficulties, you can contact us via private message for assistance. Thanks and have fun with our bread maker!

  • Mica Sato

    Chrissy! You rock! Thank you so much for calming down my nerves. I just went out to buy this bread maker a moment ago and THANK GOD you searched for me. I tried searching over and over again but nothing showed up on Google. Really appreciate it, gonna try and enjoy this machine now! :D


      Hey! Glad I was able to help.. hope you’re experimenting with lots of varieties of fresh homemade bread with your new machine!

  • Hazel

    Just bumped onto your post while researching for a good BM. I hv a qtn. How long can i leave my bread in the BM after it is done? If i make the bread at night, will it be soggy in the morning (as in condensation)? How is the bread texture if I keep it out for a day or 2?

  • Esther

    I have a few BM which I’m interested in. Whirlpool BM1000, Kenwood BM250 and Panasonic. Not sure which is better. Anybody done any homework for it? Thanks.

  • Laura Lam

    I am so confused. This is my first time using a bread machine and I bought this one that does not come with preprogram indication. It’s like trying to fish with just a hook and line but nothing else. I can’t figure out whether to press ‘menu’ 1, 2, 3, 4, …..etc. So disappointed when I pressed ‘menu’, the word ‘no’ appears with just a number. It’s not for the novice, it definitely needs more specific instructions, eg. ‘menu’ 1, 2, 3 and so on is for what. The manual does not mention it either, except for timing. What gives? :( So I anyhow just press ‘menu’ to 6 and hope for the best! :/ Is there a way to find out? The manual I got was for the other HK/Malaysia model that has a different control panel but the same model number. :/