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Singapore Tula Love’s 5th Birthday Bash – 12 August 2019

Some of you may know that I really adore my Baby Tula carriers! Apart from being ‘Budgetpantry’, I’m also one of the admins of Singapore Tula Love Facebook group. Singapore Tula Love recently celebrated our 5th birthday in August 2019. Yes it has been five long years! I have been using Baby Tula carriers since cbb was a little baby and it has been a lifesaver for me. Even at 3.5 years old, cbb still loves to be in her Tula, just that now it is papa Tula-ing her instead as I am pregnant with her little brother! See all my previous posts about Baby Tula here:

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About Baby Tula

The story of Baby Tula begins with two people, Ula Tuszewicka and her husband Mike. When their daughter was born, they wore her in a sling and experienced how convenient babywearing was and how much it benefits both parent and baby. A few years later, their son was born and they discovered the ease of ergonomic carriers. Ula and Mike started to produce their own ergonomic, comfortable and stylish soft structured baby carriers and the rest, as they say, is history. By now, they have expanded their product lines to include other kids products like backpacks, blankets, shoes, lunchboxes and more.

About Singapore Tula Love

Singapore Tula Love‘s Facebook group was started in 2014 by a group of mummies with a common love for Baby Tula carriers and the way Tula carriers help keep their babies close. It is the largest Baby Tula enthusiast group in Singapore with over 13k members. Through the group, parents get to learn more about babywearing from one another and many friendships have been formed along the way!

Singapore Tula Love’s 5th Birthday Bash

STL’s birthday falls in August. Every year, there will be a birthday party for all group members and the theme this year is ‘Disney’! This year’s bash was held at Qiren Organisation. Our admins’ get-up: Spot the Red Queen!

Another admin Jaslyn came as Ariel. Iris was Cinderella. Cbb insisted to be Mickey Mouse and I decided to be Snow White (blue, yellow and red colour scheme) because this was the only dress I could fit my round tummy into.

Some photos from the bash, thanks to our event photographer Babygraphy (and thank you to the pretty mummies for allowing me to use your photos in this post!):



Vendor Booths

Keepsake by Ryo

Louve Crochet

The Dinky Shop

Monee Singapore


Magic ByAbby and Aria Handwovens

Wen’s Whitebait Powder

The Goodie Bag

What’s a party without a goodie bag? It was literally bursting with useful items such as Bebesup wipes, Bifesta make up remover, Einmilk stage 3 formula, Merries diaper + lotion, Ohmymats mini mats, Nature Love Mere wipes from The Dinky Shop, Essentially Oils‘ EO sample, GAIA Singapore‘s shower sachets, Inara Organics sleepy balm/chest rub, whitebait powder from Wen’s White Powder, and vouchers/discount codes from Elsie’s Kitchen, Jolikids.SG, Jump Eat Cry, Marian’s Lactation Boost and Shartini’s Food Journal. Thank you to our goodie bag sponsors!

Our Sponsors

This year’s party wouldn’t have been possible without the support of the generous sponsors. Thank you for giving STL members the opportunity to know more about your brand and try out your products. And for arranging the logistics too!

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Qiren Organisation: Facebook | Web

Food Caterer
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Event Photographer
Babygraphy: Facebook | Web

Birthday Cake
Shartini’s Food Journal: Facebook | Web

Goodie Bag
Bebesup Singapore: Facebook | Web
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Games/lucky dip
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Samantha Rachel’s Mum :)
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Thank you for being a part of our party!

For parents who have attended the bash and who have shared about your experience and the products on social media, thank you! It is so nice of you to do that although there are absolutely no obligations for our members to do so :) Thank you for being a part of our party and see you again next year!

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