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Pregnancy #2: The second trimester – Cdd’s 20th week fetal anomaly scan

And in a flash, we’re now 20 weeks. This pregnancy seems to zoom by so fast. At the time of publishing this blog post, I’m already 7+ months pregnant!

We headed for the 20th week ultrasound scan when Cdd was about 20W5D. This was also the day that Cbb saw her little brother on the screen for the first time! She looked at the screen and said, ‘Oh, that’s his head, his lips, his lips … his BELLY BUTTON!’ Yeah right! The scan was real quick because the little boy was so cooperative. The sonographer was able to take all the measurements she needed in less than 20 minutes. Cbb wasn’t really paying attention during the scan because how interesting can a black screen be? She was also too little to know what she was really looking at, but every night before bed, she makes sure she talks to Cdd and kisses my tummy before she sleeps. We’re so blessed to have her.

The sonographer said all the measurements looked good, and Cdd was a great weight at 371g. Look, it’s a BOY!

Three weeks later, I got the full report from my gynae’s clinic:

By this time, Cdd is already moving like crazy every day. I started feeling really light flutters when I was about 15 weeks. By 18 weeks, there was no mistaking it – our little boy was really serious about making his presence known!

At my last gynae check up two weeks ago at 28 weeks, I have put on 7.5kg. I feel heavier than that for sure. Is it true that the tummy looks way bigger during the second pregnancy? And even more so for the third? And if you’re carrying a girl, your tummy is higher and if it’s a boy, you carry low? I don’t know, I can’t tell! My tummy just looks huge overall to me! This was on 17 July, when I was about 26 weeks:

It’s the only bump pic I have taken in my second trimester. I should really get started on those weekly pics soon!

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