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CBB’s first mass playdate with May babies


Throughout my pregnancy till now as Amber is approaching five months old, I’m really thankful for a group of unsung heroes also known as “Fast and Furious West Mummies”! Why fast and furious? Because our whatsapp messages can reach thousands in a day, that’s why!

When I first discovered I was pregnant, I joined a Facebook group for May 2016 expectant mothers. That progressed into joining the whatsapp group for the west zone.. I remember it was Krayon (“her husband called colour pencil”) who added me into the chat group along with many mummies. I think when I joined, the chat group had 20+ mummies? And now it’s like 50-60.

Being my first pregnancy, I was really clueless over everything. I also didn’t have mom support unlike most people. Seeing fellow ftms asking the same clueless questions as me made me feel safe, like I wasn’t alone, and it was ok to be blur. Apart from newbies, there are experienced mummies in the group who answered all our basic-to-the-core questions patiently.. be it about breastfeeding and sterilising breast pumps before we popped, to handling screaming colicky babies in the first 1-2 months, to now giving pointers about introducing solids.. this well of information is endless. The oldies and newbies learnt together and found support in one another.. we really can talk about everything!

I recall the days all of us hadn’t given birth yet and our EDD was nearing. Excitement exploded when Jamie was the first to give birth, followed by Chew Yen and Sophia. They gave birth end April. I remember us sharing tips on how to induce labour naturally when our EDD was near and there was no sign of baby yet.. I really did those squats dilligently! LOL. It was also from this group that mummies introduced my eventual gynae to me, and I am eternally grateful.

The mummies had a few meet ups but I couldn’t join those times. Finally this month, cbb went for her first mass playdate! I thought it would be fun for her, but poor girl was so terrified, the theme of the day was literally “CRY ALL THE WAYYYY”!! I guess she wasn’t used to being in an enclosed area with strangers coming up to say hi and looking her in the face.. and the chatter can get overwhelming for her little ears. I feel sorry for the kind mummies and daddies who tried means to make her smile, and all they got in return was an instant crinkling of her face and even louder cries. Cbb was ok on a few occasions when there weren’t as many babies. I hope the next time we meet, she will be all smiles!

Not all the mummies could make it for our playdate, but it was nice to see the ones who could. Thank you Agnes for hosting us and for everyone who brought food, drinks and playmats!

Ok so here, pictures! Little girl was already acting up in the car ride. Err probably cos I made her wear the silly hat. She hates having ANYTHING on her head.

“Put the silly hat on me again and I will……. resign to my fate.”

Xin Lan, Cath, Mayvin, Krayon, Beth and Joyce!

Someone’s husband cut Agnes away from the previous pic so here she is! Chew Yen looking like she’s photobombing.. hahaha.

Jamie, her hubby and cutie-pie Chloe!

Dewi and cheeky Lana!

Otah-soh Jennifer, Joyce and Agnes. Jennifer and Joyce’s babies were also born on the same day as cbb!

Cath and Seth.. thank you Cath for sharing what you know with us ftms. Her #1 is such a sweetie!

Krayon, her hubby and Kedric. The most beautiful family photo of the day goes to them!

Amelene, her funny hubby and Elliot. Cbb cried the loudest when Elliot was trying to be friendly and touched her hand. Wish I had recorded her face. Damn funny I swear.

Wow can find one pic with cbb not crying. Must buy 4D.

Lana and Lucas (the babies I mean..)

“Hi…. wanna be friends?

Shanni and Savier! One of the two original Michelin babies *wink*. The other is Queenie of course!

Shiang Min and Mayvin with their hubbies and babies Ash and Clyde!

Clyde and his doppelganger Lana. They REALLY look alike and nooo they’re not related!

Smiley Chloe 笑笑公主!

Baby Zach and Queenie!

Band of brothers.

And then it was time for the GROUP PICS ON THE PLAYMAT OMFG ALL HELL BROKE LOOSE. HAHAHAHA! Spot my crying babe!





Can’t see her? Nah here.


So yup, it’s true. She really cried all the way! And on the way home…….


Hahaha! It was really fun meeting all my 最熟悉的陌生人s. Till the next one!