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ABC Soup with Chicken

updated 10/11/2014 with better pictures. You can leave out the vegetables cos they are not traditionally in ABC soup. But I was in a leafy vegetables kinda mood today.

Why is this called ABC Soup? Because it is unbelievably easy to prepare, that’s why! <-- this is my version of the reason. Some people say it is because of the vitamins in the soup, and I've read someone say it is because A for Ang Mo Kio ("tomato" in Hokkien), B for Bawang ("onion" in Malay) and C for Corn. Hilarious! Anyways. This soup usually has got pork ribs in it but since I have no pork ribs, I have made this without it. The soup is sweet and still bodied (if there's pork ribs then it would be erm full-bodied but this version's just "bodied"), with my favouritest ingredient in the world- THE ONION. Really, if there is one ingredient I can't live without, then it's gonna be THE ONION. It's such an amazing thing, it's gonna be a blockbuster movie.

ABC Soup with Chicken
Makes 4 servings
Total cost per serving: $0.53

What I used:
1 honey date
1 medium potato, cut into 1-inch chucks
Half a carrot* (see foot note), cut into chucks too
Half a corn* (see foot note), I HATE CHOPPING CORN
1 large onion, cut into chucks
2 teaspoon Who Hup concentrated chicken stock
1.5 litres water
Chicken fillet (cut into bite sized) or minced meatballs, whatever tickles your fancy
A dash of white pepper
Some vegetables if you’d like

1. Place honey date, potato, carrot, corn and onion into a large pot with 1.5 litres of water.
2. When it boils, reduce heat and simmer for 30 mins. Add concentrated chicken stock.
3. Add chicken fillet/minced meatballs, cook for 2 mins, add vegetables, then it is ready. Add a dash of white pepper before serving.

How much I spent:
$0.30 for potato
$0.20 for carrots
$0.30 for corn
$1.20 for chicken fillet

Everything else from my pantry


I served this with shanghai greens and curry pork as part of a Chinese meal. This is such a comforting, fulfilling and familiar soup. Best for cold, rainy nights. I could just have this with a bowl of rice, or without, since I now don’t eat rice, but you get the idea.

*By the way, I used half a carrot and half a corn only because I chose a pot that’s too small. Your ABC Soup will not become XYZ Soup because of how much carrot and corn you put in. Please, I’m not forcing you not to use your carrot and corn so cook as you please. Not only does cooking fill your tummy, it also teaches you life skills- you adjust and adapt to circumstances (big pot or small)!