What’s in my (mizzue) bag?

Everyone who knows me knows that I’m pretty low maintenance when it comes to bags. I don’t go for high end bags and am happy with carrying my $10 H&M fabric tote wherever I go. I do have a beautiful light yellow Miu Miu lying around somewhere in the dust bag, but I don’t use it often – not because I don’t bear to use it but because I just can’t be bothered to take it out of the cupboard…….. #truestory

So when mizzue sent me this classic Blanch Brawley crossbody bag, I was over the moon. To be honest, I was getting really bored of my cloth tote which matches none of my work outfits. Not that I’m all dressed corporate for work anyway. I love my new bag! What better way to showcase it than with a ‘What’s in my bag?’ post?

Sorry I have to disappoint you – my bag contents aren’t that interesting cos I’m really no-frills. Two power banks & cable – xiaomi and miniso (only because I forgot to bring my xiaomi with me one fateful day!), Kate 2-way compact, Etude House blusher, umbrella from Tokyo, Kate Spade pouch from bestie at Christmas eons ago, keys, zipper wallet and for some reason, cbb’s pacifier strap.

I love this bag because I don’t have to pull over the flap totally when reaching for stuff. There’s a clever zippered opening on top and I can access my things conveniently. Plus, gold zippers! There’s so much more that can go into this bag!

More photos here: https://www.mizzue.com.sg/products/141386?variant=34629255297

Watch the video:

*I received the mizzue Blanch Brawley crossbody bag for the purpose of this blog post. All opinions are my own.
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