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Turmeric Salmon Kebab

My family loves salmon, cbb included! I’ve recently introduced salmon to her diet, and boy does she love it! When preparing food for cbb, I always have a liquid/watery base like pumpkin/carrot/sweetcorn/cauliflower/potato puree (the possibilities are endless), a carb and a protein (like chicken or fish) and chopped vegetables that I make more lumpy to add to the base. There’s no hard and fast rule and I realise I love preparing meals like these for cbb as compared to boring mashes of single-type food when she just started solids.

I made a pumpkin/sweetcorn base and combined it with flaked airfried salmon and chopped peas and carrot for her this week. If I find it too lumpy, I add more base, you get what I mean? Some mummies choose to add water but to me, more vegetable base = more nutrients and flavour yes? I was also surprised to find that she loves broccoli, so I combined cauliflower and potato (the base) with chopped broccoli and chicken for her to try. She likes it too! I should really do more recipe posts on what I’m feeding cbb, but hmm I hope I get around to doing it!

Because I was cooking more salmon, I tried to think up different salmon recipes for Jason’s dinner. Airfried cajun salmon is awesome, but I wanted to cook and present our favourite fish differently this time. Turmeric salmon kebab it is!

This is super simple – just cut the salmon and vegetables of your choice into chunks, marinade the salmon, skewer them up and airfry for 6 minutes and you’re done! Absolutely love my airfryer. I think everybody should get one :) You can also grill or oven bake this.

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Turmeric Salmon Skewers (
Makes 3-4 kebabs

What you need:

1 slab salmon fillet (avoid tail part), about 200g
Half tablespoon turmeric powder
Half tablespoon sugar
1 tablespoon soy sauce
Dash of coarse black pepper
Vegetable of choice (green/red pepper, mushrooms, onion, cherry tomatoes)
Coriander, for garnish, optional


Cut up the salmon fillet into 1-inch chunks. Marinate with turmeric powder, sugar, soy sauce and black pepper for 15 minutes.

Chop the vegetables into chunks/bite-sized pieces. Skewer with marinated salmon chunks and airfry for 6 minutes in a preheated 180C airfryer.

Alternatively, you could grill or oven bake them. Garnish with coriander (optional) and serve with rice or potatoes.