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My Favourite Recipes of 2014!


I had a hard time rounding up these 9 dishes! How hard? Imagine giving up Tiramisu, Dumpling Noodles, Shio Koji Chicken, Stewed Pork Noodles and Focaccia, that’s how hard!

I chose Budgetpantry’s Top 9 based on two things: taste and photography!

And here you go, in order of preference:

1. Shakshouka, December 2014
Recipe at:

2. Easy Apple Crumble with Custard and Blueberry Compote, June 2014
Recipe at:
Jun 7- Apple Crumble scs

3. Homemade Tomato and Bacon Cream Soup, September 2014
Recipe at:
Sept 3- Tomato and Bacon Cream Soup1

4. Custard Cream Puffs, August 2014
Recipe at:
Aug 21- Custard Cream Puffs Recipe

5. Airfried Roast Pork/ Sio Bak, April 2014
Recipe at:
Airfried Roast Pork Belly Sio Bak 9f

6. Hawker Staple: Prawn Ban Mian (Handmade Noodle Soup), January 2014
Recipe at:

7. Bacon and Peas, August 2014
Recipe at:

8. Seared Scallops, September 2014
Recipe at:
Sept 13- Seared Scallops

9. Jamie Oliver’s Chicken in Milk, December 2014
Recipe at:
Dec 22 Chicken in Milk 1

Don’t agree? Let me know your favourite! Thank you for sticking around for the past year. You have no idea how much your ‘Likes’, comments, concern and (virtual) friendship means to me. I hope you continue to read my little blog in 2015 and beyond! =)