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IKEA SG Bloggers Task #3: Dining – The Great Gatsby Wedding!

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Disclaimer: This post is part 3 of the IKEA Bloggers Program in which I was given a gift card to revamp my place. All ideas and comments are my own.

IKEA Dining - The Great Gatsby Wedding1

I’ve always been a bit obsessed with table settings and decorations. I had a rustic vintage theme for my Chijmes wedding in 2013, and chose pastel pink and blue, cream and white as the base colours. My bestie at work Aishah (I love you, beautiful mummy!) and I spent eight hours two days before the wedding to package the favours ourselves. We bought gold-capped glass bottles direct from the manufacturer, sourced for childhood biscuit gems and round baby biscuits, got the paper dollies, blue ribbons and “Handmade with Love” stamps and got down to work. We even had an old-school cakes and snacks dessert table complete with Hiro cake, Doraemon chocolates, Chok-Choki and cream horns and butter cream cakes from Balmoral Bakery. I know you want photos!









I really enjoyed planning my wedding! I wish I could do it all over again!

The moment I got to know IKEA’s theme for the month – “Dining” – I knew exactly what I was going to do. Re-live our wedding day with a candlelight dinner. The theme? The Great Gatsby. I hope this post will help you if you 1) are planning for your wedding or 2) want some ideas for a romantic dinner at home!

Most dining tables – or at least the ones I’ve seen – are basic with bare necessities (and lots of unrelated clutter like keys, pens, and letters). My dining table is a simple round marble top with dark chocolate legs, complete with matching chairs. It is simple and comfortable, but sometimes, especially during anniversaries and special occasions, the set-up can be a little blah. This was how my dining area looked like before the makeover:

IKEA Dining

And after!

IKEA Dining - The Great Gatsby Wedding

IKEA Dining - The Great Gatsby Wedding2

IKEA Dining - The Great Gatsby Wedding4

When doing a crafty DIY/makeover project, I always stop by two places. IKEA and Arab Street. You can get fabric and textiles in any colour, texture or sheen that you want for $2-$4.50 a metre from the textile shops in Arab Street, or generally in the North Bridge Road area. As I wanted a Great Gatsby theme, I chose a crushed ivory fabric for the base and black satin as the table-runner. I also decided to amp up my dining table chairs with a sheer gold sash. Most textile shops give a bulk discount if you’re doing up many tables for your wedding, so ask the shop owners for a better price.

IKEA Dining - The Great Gatsby Wedding14

IKEA Dining - The Great Gatsby Wedding15

IKEA Dining - The Great Gatsby Wedding10

Another must-stop for crafty things like ribbons, string pearls and beads is Sin Hee Chuan Kee, also known as that “YKK shop”. They stock a crazy variety of ribbons, beads, zippers, buttons, headpieces and even feathers in many colours – black, white, navy, purple, yellow, pink – for $2.50 to $5 per packet (there’s easily 20 pieces per pack). Large Ostrich feathers are more expensive, about $25-$30 each (yes, per feather!). I got some gold ribbons and black tape (for dressing up plain candle holders as you can see in the pics), but my favourite buys were the strung pearls and beads. An entire spool for only $8 to $10 depending on size.

IKEA Dining - The Great Gatsby Wedding13

You can use fresh flowers for your centrepiece, but I chose artificial white roses, hydrangea and magnolia. IKEA has a nice selection of artificial flowers which you can mix-and-match for your centrepiece. To up the glam factor, I dressed up the crystal vase with pearls and gold beads using clear tape.

IKEA Dining - The Great Gatsby Wedding9

IKEA Dining - The Great Gatsby Wedding8

And of course we gotta have candles. Have you seen these beautiful candle holders? At $21.90 for three of varying heights, these were a classy addition to the theme. I chose to pair these with petite tealight candles instead of long candlesticks because I didn’t want the candles to compete with the floral centrepiece for attention. Tip: Decide from the get-go what you wish to focus on. Candles or flowers? If you decide to use candles as the centrepiece, then choose taller candlesticks and shorter vases and little dainty flowers. If you’re going for a glamorous floral arrangement, then choose shorter candles.

IKEA Dining - The Great Gatsby Wedding3

IKEA Dining - The Great Gatsby Wedding12

I also picked up some (ok, many) candle holders, some wine glasses, a 24-piece cutlery set and little glass containers for candles and flowers. The FÖRTJUST Tealight Holder is usually for er, tealights, but I used it to hold my block candle instead. I think it is very pretty! And at $3.90, it is an absolute steal.

IKEA Dining - The Great Gatsby Wedding6

For candles, the FENOMEN set of five for $8.90 gets my vote. With different heights, they’re a great way to add some interesting spark to your dining table.

IKEA Dining - The Great Gatsby Wedding16

And with the ribbons and tape that I got from Arab street, I added detail to the PLATS Salt and Pepper Shakers, GLASIG Tealight Holders (only $2.90 for 5! The budget auntie in me is screaming in joy) and the RAJTAN Spice Jars, which I used as little vases to hold my $2 roses from Daiso.

IKEA Dining - The Great Gatsby Wedding11

IKEA Dining - The Great Gatsby Wedding 7

Here’s the look with the candlelight. There are a lot of pictures but I couldn’t resist snapping them!

IKEA Dining - The Great Gatsby Wedding Candlelight

IKEA Dining - The Great Gatsby Wedding Candlelight5

IKEA Dining - The Great Gatsby Wedding Candlelight6

IKEA Dining - The Great Gatsby Wedding Candlelight3

IKEA Dining - The Great Gatsby Wedding Candlelight4

IKEA Dining - The Great Gatsby Wedding Candlelight1

IKEA Dining - The Great Gatsby Wedding Candlelight12

IKEA Dining - The Great Gatsby Wedding Candlelight9

IKEA Dining - The Great Gatsby Wedding Candlelight10

IKEA Dining - The Great Gatsby Wedding Candlelight8

IKEA Dining - The Great Gatsby Wedding Candlelight14

IKEA Dining - The Great Gatsby Wedding Candlelight11

Get the look:


What a fun challenge this has been! I hope this post has given you some ideas on how to decorate your own wedding on a budget!

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