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Crispy Butter Waffles

Oct 10- Crispy Butter Waffles

I’ve been kinda obsessed about waffles since a long time ago.. and have always dreamt of having my own waffle maker. Not just any waffle maker, but deep, round, belgian-waffle type makers which produce the crispiest and fluffiest waffles imaginable. You don’t see this type of waffle machines in regular department stores here in Singapore.. what they have are those smallish makers which create bready, doughy waffles like what you get from neighbourhood bakeries. And I didn’t want those.

I researched online and get insanely jealous whenever I see waffle makers for home use available elsewhere for US$59 to US$99 thereabouts. I’ve even read about prices which start at US$20, and then I throw a waffle fit. Jason has gotten used to taking me out for belgian waffles every two weeks.

Then one day, on our anniversary, he presented me with a large rectangular box, exquisitely wrapped by himself, and when I tore it open.. my heart skipped. It was a Waring Pro waffle maker! He could only get the one for “Commercial” use because really, no one sells any other versions here. The price tag? $310 after a 10% discount. That’s insane, so to get back our money’s worth, I have no choice but to keep making waffles. Really, that’s all there is to it.

Serves 3-4

What I used:

195g plain flour
Half tablespoon baking powder
2 tablespoons caster sugar
Half teaspoon sea salt
113g butter, melted (cooled)
400ml full cream milk
2 medium eggs
Half teaspoon almond essence
Oil spray

1. Sift the flour, baking powder and salt. Mix in the sugar then set aside.
2. Combine butter, eggs, milk and almond essence and beat well. I beat by hand and it is ok to have some lumps.
3. Add the butter mixture to the dry ingredients then stir to combine. Don’t stir them too vigorously. We want the mixture to still be lumpy. Add the almond essence if using.
5. Once the batter is combined– no need to smoothen it out too much–, lightly grease your waffle maker, preheat it, and cook according to manufacturer’s instructions. I use the maximum heat setting (5) on my Waring Pro.
6. Dress your waffles up with honey and butter, hersheys syrup and icing sugar, some whipped cream and fruits, or a scoop of ice-cream! I drizzled mine with honey and chocolate syrup, plus dusted some icing sugar on top.

How much I spent:

$1.60 for butter
$0.50 for eggs
$1.80 for milk
Everything else from my pantry!

Total cost per serving: $0.98 (as opposed to paying at least $8 outside!)


Oct 10- Crispy Butter Waffles1

With my Waring Pro, I spray with oil and preheat on heat level 5. When the beep sounds, I pour in a cup of batter, taking care that each crevice is filled. Use your measuring cup to distribute the batter evenly. Immediately flip the waffle maker and wait for the second beep that indicates the waffle is done. I let it still sit in the waffle maker for 30 seconds to a minute before removing because I that’s how I get my waffles crispy.

I know the frustration when waffles turn out soggy and soft.. I have tried countless waffles recipes and realise sometimes, it is really about using your waffle maker effectively. I was afraid of turning up the heat and started off using heat setting 3, but I never got crispy waffles that way. I also always fill up the entire measuring cup that comes with my waffle maker instead of filling til the “fill line”.

If you have a waffle recipe you swear by, using Waring Pro, please share it with me, including heat setting and all. I’m always hoping to perfect my waffles!


  • marina

    I found great waffles near China town buisness part for 1,80 $ and its seemes cheap.
    Im also crazy for waffles but I like ones that are spounge inside and crispy outside and where sugar sticks to your theeth :-)

    • Chrissy-

      Sounds great! Do you mean liege waffles? $1.80 for thick, round waffles like in my recipe sounds really cheap! Glad you found a great deal!

  • Pen

    Your story about waffle love is exactly the same as mine! My husband also bought me a Waring Pro waffle maker. Alas, it has broken and I’ve been told it cannot be fixed.

    • Chrissy-

      Oh dear, Pen! Is there no way it can be fixed? I read that Crate and Barrel at Ion carries Waring Pro waffle maker for home use and it is under $100.. I haven’t checked it out myself but it is worth a look! We gotta keep the waffle love story going! :)

      • Pen

        Hi Chrissy! Apologies for the late reply. Didn’t see your messay until now. Waring Pro say it cannot be fixed as I bought the US machine for use in Australia which they said is a no-no.
        Is Ion in Singapore?
        I need a new Waring Pro!!!

  • Chrissy-

    Hi Xinying,

    This is a similar model but mine is the waring pro commercial which is more sturdy and costs more. I think yours would make a great personal gift! I would be very happy if my husband gave me that, too!

    Let me know if you need any more help!


  • deepbloosea

    Hello, I chanced upon your waffle post when I googled for waffle makers. May I know you need to use a converter for your waring pro as it seems to be available only in the USA or abroad and not in Singapore?
    I did just call Crate & Barrel and they don’t carry any waffle makers because of the voltage difference for those in the USA. :(

  • Chrissy-

    hello! my waffle maker is from Sia Huat so no convertor needed. You can get it from Sia Huat (Temple Street) or its sister company Tott (Bukit Timah). Hope this helps!

  • Chrisee

    Hi Chrissy, likewise as you, I being obsess about waffles times ago….. but, I have a bigger ego of having a waffle cafe. Hawking waffle cake, waffle meal, waffle sandwich…things that waffle….. hence seek your opinion what are the market chances or are there some intellect out there share & dare the same dream.

    • Chrissy-

      Haha! Open own stall will stress me out, I think! :) money no enough :P

  • john

    Hi I’d like to check if your machine is the single or double sided one? I’m trying to look for the double waffle maker in Singapore but was told by Tott that it would cost $512 when the US pricing is US$99!!

  • Chrissy-

    Hi John, mine’s a single!

    I was tempted to get my waffle maker from US websites too, but I thought about how the voltage might not be compatible. I’m not sure how you can work around it but maybe you can!

  • Audrey

    Hi thanks for sharing your waffle tale. It was so inspiring that now I’m the proud and elated owner of a waring waffle maker (which by the way is on sale at TOTT)!!

    I am going to try your waffle recipe but I have one question, can the recipe by made in advance like the night before? I would like to make a quick waffle for my son (who is waffle-crazy) before school in the morning.

  • Chrissy-

    Hi Audrey.. first of all congratulations on your waffle maker. I absolutely know how it feels! (warning: you might hate the cleaning up just like me, though) This recipe is not designed to be left overnight as it uses whipped egg whites. It’ll lose its airiness and structure when combined for a prolonged period with the rest of the batter.

    You may want to google “yeast waffles” or simply “overnight waffles”. Plenty of choices for you!


    • Audrey

      Hi Chrissy thanks for the heads up. I did find one recipe by waring which uses yeast. Great to have choices. Muse your recipe for immediate consumption and the other for advance prep!! Thanks again.