The real about me

the real about me

April 2016

I don’t think I’ve ever really talked about my family, nor myself, nor what matters to me, very much on this blog. Apart from posting my recipes and reviews and bits and pieces of “my life” which don’t even make up 1% of who I really am, I don’t exactly share a lot here. And to friends who know me and past-readers of Pink-Pink!! who have managed to find budgetpantry, this is not me.

Yes, my ex-blog had a name, Pink-Pink!!, complete with a hyphen and two exclamation marks. I came up with this name together with someone dear to me in the Xanga circle when I just started blogging. He was one of my first readers, the first person to leave me comments, the one person who made me realise, hey, someone cares about what I’m writing. He was my motivator and friend. He passed away recently- it always seems recent- and I still have his blog link in my saved bookmarks. I can’t read the blog now that Xanga is no more, but I still click on that link sometimes, hoping maybe, that the internet might surprise me one day.

I love to write. Not just blog, but write. I am whimsical and a bit strange, and as much as I try to assume other identities like a “housewife” or “auntie”, I feel incomplete without writing. My favourite book is “The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time” by Mark Haddon, written in the perspective of a 15-year-old boy assumingly with Asperger Syndrome. Yet the book is not about any specific “condition”.. it is about being different, looking at things as an outsider, while feeling right at home, like truth.

I was a literature student who constantly failed mathematics. I hated “X”- he always went missing- and loved Macbeth. I went on to do a mass communications diploma because I liked bits of the stuff. I like some parts of TV production, radio, coming up with creatives, writing media releases. I loved the Chinese language, as I do English.. I loved speech writing and presentations, and feature and news writing. And although I was good at it if I had to, I didn’t like to deal with people. Just like now, sometimes I like talking to you, sometimes I don’t. It depends on how real you are, and I can tell, all the time.

I was such a closet introvert, I fooled myself all these years growing up that I was an extrovert who loves talking to people. Ok actually I do, to people I genuinely like. I just can’t do and don’t believe in small talk.

I then went on to do a degree which up-ed my paycheck but that’s that. I made strange “career” choices nothing to do with my education, and I still wonder why sometimes. But I was genuinely happy during my time at the airport, and met my husband at my second job. So who’s to say there should be a “should be”, and I “should not” have “wasted my degree”?

I hope you enjoyed this “About Me”. This year, I hope to remember how much I loved connecting, and forget that I’m writing for someone who might be reading.


  • nicoteena

    I really enjoyed this post, and a lot of it echoes what I’ve experienced in my life. So happy for you that you get to do what you love. You’re living the dream!

  • Stella

    I love this post so much. I feel the same way as you about talking to people and I am looking towards a job change from what I do now which is sucking the life out of me. Do u think you could share what job/company/role you are in now please? If its too private, I’d understand. Cheers!

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