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I’m going to be a first-time mom in May 2016! We can’t wait!

Our little bub, “Chua Bee Bee”, is more than 37 weeks in my tummy and we get a high seeing her do the jelly dance every day now out! YES CHUA BEE BEE IS A GIRL!

If you have first-time mom tips, breastfeeding do’s and don’ts, or anything you feel might be useful for me, please feel free to send them my way. I have received many PMs from well-wishers and I am overwhelmed! (And I want to ask how come my pregnancy posts on Facebook can get 400-500 likes which is MORE THAN MY COOKING POSTS?! lolololol! But me and CBB feel loved!)

Companies who wish to have your products featured or tried out, feel free to Contact Me too.

Me at 8 weeks pregnant:

me with cara

The tummy at 12 weeks (now this dress I cannot fit already!):

3 months

At 24 weeks:


The tummy doesn’t really show here but it’s the camera angle I swear. I feel huge (not that I was a skinny girl to begin with) and kind of regret not getting pregnant right after the wedding, when my waist was 26″ and I weighed 10 kg less than when I conceived. But getting the nutrients to the baby is the priority now yes? I’m still eating well but detoxing and losing weight can wait!

During Chinese New Year:

26 weeks

At 28 weeks:

27 weeks


This angle lookS slim but HAHAHAHAHAHHA.









And my babe is out :)) Read her birth story here.

cbb birth09

Follow me and my pregnancy journey here.

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