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Airfried Crispy Dumplings

Feb 26- Airfried Dumpling Noodle1

Remember the 水饺面 / Dumpling Noodle that I made recently? I cooked it again for Sunday brunch!

This time, I decided to make an airfried version on top of the regular boiled one. I added more water chestnuts and a teaspoon of fish sauce to the marinade, and the filling was even more delicious than the previous version.

Jason was beyond happy:

Feb 26- Fried Dumpling

We shared the portion la, although he is getting more gluttony these days, I wasn’t about to overfeed him. Does this happen to anyone of you? You know, your husband never gets full?

I airfried these in my Philips Airfryer for just 7 minutes at 180 degrees. I kept opening the basket to check cos I know dumpling skins get golden reallyy quick. I was kinda worried that the meat wouldn’t get cooked, but these turned out very well.

Feb 26- Airfried Dumpling

Airfried Crispy Dumplings
For the full recipe including noodles, please go on to

I did a few things differently:

1. Added 1 teaspoon of fish sauce to the marinade
2. Added 3 extra water chestnuts + chopped them into larger pieces for bite
3. Fold the dumplings into a pleated fan shape instead of just into half
4. Brush them lightly with just a bit of oil (I used a pastry brush) and airfry at 180 degrees for 7 minutes instead of boiling

To learn how to fold the dumplings this way, go to Just One Cookbook. Nami has step-by-step pictures on folding gyoza and the effect is the same. This website will also help alot.

Have fun, and enjoy making these airfried dumplings! They’re great as a snack and remind me of dim sum.

Feb 26- Airfried Dumpling Noodle